a folding dinghy sailboat

barquito: Spanish for little boat

The story and photos of my folding boat   2007 by Man of the Cloth Productions.

 - Assembly - 

Lay the folding boat on the grass or on a soft surface.   

Barquito Folded

Open the folded panels. Slowly press the hull panels down and the port and starboard panels open.    

Barquito Folding Boat Opened

Place the center thwart upside down on a soft surface.   

Unfold the the seat support and press it into the the slots.    

Turn the thwart over.  Insert one end of the seat into the wooden seat brackets, continue pressing the hull open.  

Barquito Center Thwart

Insert the seat support into the aluminum bracket.  Then insert the other end of the seat into the  wooden bracket on the others side. Insert the pins that lock the thwart to the hull.   

Lift up the "T"  hinges for the stern seat.    

Slide the transom into the mounting slots at the stern.    

Barquito Stern Seat

Slide the stern seat into place.  Secure  the seat by placing the bolts through the  "T" hinges. Then fasten with the wing nuts.    

Lift up the "T"  hinges for the foredeck.    

Slide the bow plate onto the brackets that secure it to the center post.     

Barquito Fore Deck

Slide the foredeck into place.  Secure  it  by placing the bolts through the  "T" hinges. Then fasten with the wing nuts.    

Place the oarlock blocks on the gunwales.     

Barquito Assembled

Inspect the boat for needed equipment, then launch.    

Away we go.    

Here is a photo showing the Barquito in pieces on a table.    

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