a folding dinghy sailboat

barquito: Spanish for little boat

The story and photos of my folding boat   2007 by Man of the Cloth Productions.

 - Keeping the Water Out - 

Once the hull pieces were all stitched, and the keel plate was covered with a PVC cover , it was time to place a similar covering on the other two hinges.   The process was basically the same.  I used my portable drill with a built-in stop to counter sink holes in the batten board.


I covered the PVC cloth with a thin  layer of caulk and the applied a top covering of polyester fabric.    When this laminated material had dried overnight, I applied caulk to the hull and pressed the  PVC cloth into it. 

My next step was to  caulk the underside of the batten board. 


I made certain that the caulk was spread evenly for a better seal. 

I placed the end plate in position so I could align the batten board properly.

Then I pressed the batten board onto the top of the PVC cover.

As an extra precaution, I placed a drop of Tite Bond III waterproof glue into the hole where each screw would go.

When I clamped the batten the extra caulk was squeezed out.  I used a wet finger to form a nice bead.


With the end plate temporarily in place I attached the bottom-reinforcing strip by the same method.   I think the hull bottom is starting to have some pretty lines.  In the photo on the right, I took the end plate off.  The fabric ends of the boat  need to be attached  before the end plates are attached permanently.    

The picture above  shows  the hull bottom, the covered hinge, and the starboard side (white).  The boat is partially folded and so the starboard side is on the left instead of the right.    The one below shows how the fabric cover fits over the stitched hinge and is caulked.  Eventually the fabric cover will be painted.

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