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Final Weekender Design

Update: This is not the final design. Geesh! And I thought there was a design freeze on this kind of stuff. Anyways, after build up my own galley this weekend, I see more places for improvement. So I'll be updating the print with my newest galley changes. But the profile dimensions you see in this print are still good!

After reviewing many option for the furnace, the a/c and even the door size, I've come up with what I consider to be the final design.

Why the change? I've had people ask for air conditioners, furnaces, and insulation. With this profile you can build the shell now, and come back later and add your accessories. We will develop this further, but let it suffice to say that the original design and the original drawings have been superceded.

The profile is very similar. In the front instead of a 30* angle, it's only 25*. A small change, but significant, because it allows you to come back later and add an air conditioner.

In the back the angle changed from 25* to 20*. This allows you to come back later and add a forced air furnace. Also the galley area is now deep enough to keep a "Mr. Coffee": coffee maker in there with the hatch closed.

I have more information to add to this page, such as the furnace info and the a/c info, but I wanted to get this information up as quickly as possible, in the event that you are planning to build one! :-)

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