Long Weekender Page

I finally came up with a curved weekender design that I think looks decent. Some of my eariler attempts were just downright awful!!! How how did I finally come up with this desgin? Easy actually. I took my squared weekender design, and added curves to it. The result was not only pleasing to the eye, but it also used the same cabinets on the inside as the squared weekender, resulting in a lot less design time. And since I had already mocked up and partially build the squared weekender, and the inside cabinets, I figured I was using proven technology.

The original squared weekender was designed to be built in a weekend. This one does not attempt to make that claim. I hope to have the design simplified enough, that you can build a solid walled version of this in a long weekend. (Read that as a 4 day weekend, and that's only for the body. The trailer and the painting, etc, is extra!)

Here's a few wrl files... (a high speed connection is recommended) WRL links fixed... (Thanks Andrew!)






And here's a few pictures...